Criminal Forensic Services

I aim to provide a service that is both efficient and of the highest standard.

Forensic Services for Criminal Cases:

I am co-author of a sexual offender treatment programme, Moving Forward: Making Changes (MF:MC) which was commissioned by the Scottish Government.  This programme is currently being run in both the prison and community based settings.  I have also worked successfully with offenders on probation who have histories of trauma, and completed individual sessions leading to a full resolution of their trauma history and a return to a full and offence-free lifestyle, with improved interpersonal relationships.    

I have been a risk assessor for the Risk Management Authority since 2008.  This involves completing very comprehensive psycholgical risk assessments on high risk offenders who have been convicted of violent and sexual offences. I am also a Parole Commissioner for Northern Ireland.

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Please get in touch to discuss Criminal Forensics. More information on Criminal Forensics is available from the Risk Management Authority