Performance Enhancement

To perform means literally 'to act or to do'. Performance is the execution or doing of acts or feats. Performance enhancement is the bettering of any noteworthy action, and implicit in this is the idea that the person performing can become as good as they can be.

Performance enhancement can help you:

  • Do better at public presentations
  • Excel at work (whether new on the job, recently promoted, an entrepreneur or a high-level executive)
  • Be more at ease in social settings and personal relationships
  • Achieve success
  • Improve performance in a sport

What Gets in the Way of Peak Performance:

  • Anxiety and other distressing emotions
  • Negative beliefs about ourselves
  • Overwork
  • Mismatches to our jobs or friends
  • All sorts of fears
Performance Enhancement

We Can Help to:

We see performance enhancement as comprised of three elements: ability, focus, motivation. We use EMDR to enhance a person's performance in whatever area they choose to focus on.

I will be offering neurofeedback to help enhance performance

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