Harris Howard Therapy Testimonials

During childhood I suffered ongoing anxiety. Upon leaving school I excelled in some area of my life (career) however, my relationship with my mother was fraught leaving me with feelings of constant low self-esteem and a feeling of "emptiness". As I travelled into my 20s, I experienced many broken relationships leaving me to believe that there was something wrong with me.

In 2004, I experienced several life changes in succession i.e. loss of professional career due to physical health, loss of relationship and father to my daughter resulting in experiencing constant anxiety. My relationship with my mother deteriorated which I found very difficult.

As I am a highly qualified mental health professional I have knowledge and experience of anxiety disorders, however in my personal life I felt very alone and unable to break the anxiety cycle myself.

After researching private clinics I opted for HARRISHOWARD as I felt it was suited to my individual needs.

After my first appointment I started to feel slightly better, from being allowed to express how I was feeling and being understood.

Firstly my main discussion areas were setting personal boundaries and respecting myself. Learning to live in the "here and now" was very important to me as I continued to live in the past experiencing feelings of anger, sadness, shame and regret.

Through the sessions I dealt with unresolved matters through TIMELINE THERPY and EMDR which assisted with clarification and recognising repeated patterns and how my present situation evolved.

HarrisHoward enabled me to see that "taking responsibility" for the way my life has turned out; this has changed my way of thinking and has been the greatest liberation of all as it helps me fully understand that time has passed.

I now experience better emotional control and openness to new experiences which had enabled me to take control over my thoughts.

I would highly recommend HarrisHoward, they implemented the appropriate therapy to my individual needs with a sensitive approach. I have gained a greater perspective of the root of my anxiety (attachment disorder) enabling me to manage my emotions and build healthy relationships. I am also able to express what I feel in words but resist acting out my emotions. I have now embraced the present by understanding my past and moved on in my life.


Looking back I realise that I had been suffering from panic attacks and generalised anxiety disorder for at least 6 years - the last 4 being particularly bad. I am a socialable and confident person ( at least friends would have thought that ) and from an outsiders point of view you would probably have no idea as I kept it hidden for years - I also refused to go on any medication ie antidepressants as I thought this was a sign of weakness.

However it got to the stage in my life that I had no control over them and they controlled me. I had been rushed to hospital in ambulances thinking I was dying, locked myself in the house, could not do everyday things like go the the shops and I was signed off from work. It was at this point I understood that prescribed medication was a good option ( considering I was using every herbal remedy under the sun anyway).

To cut a long story short they worked but at times of emotional stress I relied on beta blockers and diazepam. I had gone through the NHS and been to one on one therapy and group therapy but to no avail.

I then decided to go privately to see a registered Psychologist - the details I got from http://www.babcp.org.uk/ as I realised that prescribed medication was essential for my sanity in the short term but I still had my inner demons to deal with or this problem would come back.


Having finally admitted to myself that I was struggling to deal with circumstances I had encountered in my life, I realised that I had to get professional help.

Through my work I was introduced to Dawn. I told her about the issues that were bothering me and she recommended EMDR. As I had not previously heard of it I was sceptical but prepared to try it.

In a very short space of time this process has helped me greatly with how I think about those issues and how I deal with ongoing situations. Dawn made me feel at ease throughout all our sessions, was very easy to talk to and always reassuring. I now feel more confident about the future, not weighed down by the past and very thankful.


After I suffered a traumatic attack from a dog, I was left anxious, depressed, fearful of my own dogs (and others) and had NO self confidence. My solicitor arranged for me to attend HarrisHoward for help, guidance and someone to talk to.

I had never been to a psychologist so had no idea what to expect. Anyway, after our first session we got down to dealing with my problems. It was the biggest relief ever to start processing all the information and memories that were stuck in my head and I couldnt move forward for them.

I know I still have a long way to go and will always have a fear/nervousness but I am a happy lady who has her dogs at home, and I can concentrate on my children, husband and me now instead of replaying a terrible event over in my head all day long.

In my adolescence I experienced a traumatic event that left me feeling as if I could not complete normal daily tasks without feeling paralysed by fear or feeling overwhelmed, my constant vigilance and waiting for something bad to happen had started to become unbearable, I tried to seek out treatment/help.

I had tried CBT therapy for around a year, although I found this left me feeling heightened and emotionally saturated. After doing research I had reached out to a therapist in the US who recommended that if I had the opportunity, I should see Dawn. I travelled from London to Scotland to have CRM therapy.

I spent a week with Dawn. I already felt less anxious meeting Dawn as she immediately made me feel at ease, helped me to understand more why I was feeling the way I did, and was able to give me the confidence to really immerse myself in my sessions, I was able to reflect in a way that was more calm and tranquil. I was able to piece together fragments and being able to process information that was involuntarily playing over in my mind or being triggered by certain situations or scenarios, my CRM therapy with Dawn allowed me within such a short space of time helped me remember that I am a great person who can achieve almost anything, and given me the courage to do things I never believed I could do, and I finally can see a future with endless possibilities. And now I can begin to heal.

I really appreciate there's someone like Dawn, who really cared about my recovery and whose kindness and skills changed my life for the better.

Amber (2018)

I first began to feel sad when I was 18 years old. I thought that was how I was going to feel for the rest of my life and I didn't want to be alive anymore. My Mum organised for me to speak to Dawn, although I was very doubtful that anyone could help me.

It took a while for me start to feel better but now, 4 years on my life is better than ever. I had the courage to split up with my controlling boyfriend, have completed my first year at college and in a few days will be flying out to Ibiza to work for the summer.

If someone had told me 4 years ago that this is how my life would be now, I would never have believed them. I would never have been able to do these things without Dawn's help and encouragement. She has taught me how to love myself and also taught me that I am not psychic!! I honestly do not think I would be here today if it wasn't for Dawn, I can't thank her enough.


In the year of 2007 I seemed to be competing to get some kind of award for the most major life changes in one year! Everything from changing jobs, relocating, selling a house, buying a house, travelling the world and getting engaged!

The changes, although all positive, made me feel very low, anxious, and I started experiencing episodes of extreme emotions - tearfulness, anxiety, panic, anger. In January 2008 I felt a bit like my world was falling apart, and I sought some professional help.


My time at HarrisHoward has created a significant impact on my day to day life, as well as alter my perspective of memories and past experiences. The simplest way I can find to explain the shift, if to use the word 'reborn'. I mean this not in any religious sense, but in the capacity that many emotional or intuitive experiences since the end (loosely) of my treatment have felt like a 'first time'. This has been unnerving and bewildering at times, but positively contributes to the feeling of now being in control of my own circumstances.

One aspect of this 'newness' is a lack of present understanding about my previous likes and perspectives, which creates a kind of disconnection. But, due to the work that I did, I have the trust to let any discomfort pass, with a belief that this was / is part of the process. Having this belief in my movements, thoughts and processes, and the confidence to make a decision rather than tread water for fear of making the wrong decision, is a relief.

Daily life is easier. I smile more. I am more positive without proof, and I find I am more the confident and secure person whom others would describe, but whom I never felt. The most gratifying shift for me is that, largely, I experience a sense of calm and self-contained-ness, which brings me such pleasure.

I also now understand how I can directly influence my experience. I have spent so much time and energy just coping, I could only ever respond. Now I have the belief or maybe even knowledge, (a scary word!) that I can be active rather than reactive, and importantly proactive and impactful in a positive way in my professional and personal life.

Right from the start Dawn sets a comfortable welcoming open supportive setting in order to explore what is going on within.

She has an intuitive sense and understanding with her vast experience that eases the process of therapy. Results (in the CRM therapy) for me were initially subtle and quick coming which was a pleasant surprise. With each small or big change within and therefore affecting outcomes on the outside, I felt motivated to complete and wholly participate in the therapy process.

My experience with Dawn was completely life changing. Changing deep rooted patterns and fears that go back into childhood or even further have been healed and life is now peaceful, fulfilling and full of healthy choices. The positive effect of Dawn's effort from each session is indescribable in words, one has to experience it for themselves to feel the healing within. Thank you Dawn.

Anonymous 2018